Inside Marilyn Monroe’s New York City Sanctuary

Marilyn Monroe is usually associated with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Era, but when she wasn’t on the West Coast, the iconic actress spent a great deal of time in New York City (she was married to a Yankee, after all). Whenever Monroe touched down in the city, she made 127 East 78th Street—the residence […]

Mugabe renting $500K Dubai villa

Mugabe Pays Millions To Rent Dubai Villa While Zimbabweans Suffer? Robert Mugabe THE legal dispute over the botched purchase of a US$1,35 million diamond ring between the First Lady Grace Mugabe and Lebanese businessman Jamal Ahmed, has opened a can of worms amid revelations that the Mugabes are paying up to US$500 000 annually in […]

Beyonce and Jay-Z $150,000 Per Month Rental Home in Holmby Hills Los Angeles

After renting out (on two separate occasions) this stunning mansion in Los Angeles’s elite Holmby Hills neighborhood, Beyoncé and Jay Z will soon be without a West Coast home. The property was still for sale throughout the Knowles-Carter family’s stay — even though they signed a one-year lease — and someone just picked up the home for $ 35.5 million, […]

Is this the Best Big Brother House Ever?

The infamous abode is awash with red, white and blue as well as a stunning swimming pool – but is it the BB best house ever? Celebrity Big Brother contestants are in for a treat this year. The new-look house has finally been revealed and it looks AMAZING! There is certainly a UK and USA-inspired decoration […]